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Refinancing Questionnaire

You can either print this form, fill in the information, then fax/mail it to us, or type in the information and send the completed form electronically.

Annual Property Taxes

You can locate this information by either calling your existing mortgage servicer, looking at your most recent escrow analysis statement (by law, you are supposed to receive this once a year if you have an escrow account), or by looking at your most recent 2021 school, county, and/or township tax bills (if you don't have an escrow account).

If you put less than 20% down when you bought your home, you probably are still paying mortgage insurance. To locate this information, you can either look at your most recent bill, call your existing mortgage servicer, or look at your most recent escrow analysis statement.

1st Mortgage

2nd Mortgage

For Cash-Out Customers Only

Program Options

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Personal Information

This is not for solicitation purposes – only for possible further needed information.

Want to see if you qualify for a home mortgage?

By completing and submitting our prequalification form, PMC can accurately profile you both quantitatively and qualitatively – at no cost nor obligation to you.